It had been such a long time since I visited my own web site, I had to contact my friend and web hoster Erik just to get my username and password and be able to log on !

Like so many of my friends and colleagues, we’re barely hanging on with occasional concerts in this topsy turvy new world caused by the Pandemic and all our attempts at staying healthy and safe.

All the health and safety measures and travel restrictions combined with an unexpected shattered collarbone in a bad bicycle accident in June of last year really made for a pretty quiet summer season. I was very happy to get back to work in September teaching my kids at my different music schools. And fortunately I had a few nice shows over the Fall.

Today is January 29 and I’m happy to say that I found a little bit of optimism and energy yesterday and pushed myself to reach out to many of the places and people that we have played for in the past in hopes to get some dialogue started and perhaps begin to rebuild an active performance schedule.

I was delighted to connect with Nathalie and Laurent at La Caverne Jazz in Marseille yesterday first by telephone and then later in the evening at their club to meet face to face. At the same time, there was a beautiful concert with an excellent pianist and bassist from Paris and a super drummer from Marseille named Cedric. What a pleasure to see live music again enjoyed by an attentive and appreciative audience !

I hope this recent effort of reaching out to jazz clubs and organisations will bear fruit and we will see each other again on and off stage.