Hello and welcome ! Thanks for checking out my website. Mostly, I play and teach trombone (and sing a little bit in my jazz and rock group).
I divide my time between teaching at 3 conservatories in the South of France and playing concerts locally, around France and internationally whenever possible.

I have always performed classical and non-classical music. I love all styles of music and am happiest when I can perform lots of different genres with different groups.

Teaching and participating in the musical lives of young (and not so young) musicians is very important to me. Music was the thing that centered me and gave me purpose when I was growing up. I love sharing my experience, knowledge and love for music with students of all ages in hopes to contribute to their lives in a positive way.

photo credit Martine Maury

I grew up in Santa Clarita just north of Los Angeles, California. The diverse, multi-cultural artistic environment of Southern California combined with some of the world’s best musicians who perform constantly and teach there, were my model and inspiration to develop as a versatile and adaptable performer.

I had the great fortune to study for my bachelors degree at California State University, Northridge in Los Angeles and then later obtained a double Masters of Music in Jazz Studies and Trombone Performance at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.