After July 26

What an intense 2 months for me and the band this Summer 2015 !

It all sort of culminated with our huge concert “Coup du Coeur” at the Toulon Jazz Festival on July 26 this past Sunday.  More than 1200 people came out and by all accounts we really won them over. I confess, I was very nervous when we started the show and for perhaps the whole first half. But by the end, I think I was slightly more relaxed.  At least I hope so… The band played their butts off and I am really thankful for the great groove they’ve been dishing out these past few months.

So at the end of the concert and especially the next day I felt like an empty vessel… Such a weird feeling. I kept asking myself why I feel so down after such a successful performance. Must have been a sort of neurotic musician’s PTSD. Anyway, I got a little rest, weeded my garden, harvested a bunch of vegetables, made spicy salsa and baked 6 loaves of zucchini bread.  Things started to feel better.

Last night we played our 3rd of 6 gigs at the Chocolaterie in Sanary, France and it felt like a weight had been lifted.  I tried stuff out on our regular set that never had occurred to me before. And we threw in at least 3 new tunes we’d never rehearsed before !  That’s a very big deal for us !  🙂

So now I’m trying to digest all of this and see how to plan for the future. The end of the summer will be here before we know it and it will be back to business as usual for so many of us.  I would really like awesome concerts in front of super people to be part of my business as usual.

Bye for now