Japan – May 2016 !!!

What a great trip !!  I’m still recovering and trying to take in all the good energy !!

A huge message of gratitude out to my friend Don Gibson who once again set up a really great experience.

He and his son Kaito picked me up at the Nagoya Airport on May 15 and we went directly to play a show with the Jazz Orchestra Brightness (JOB) in a town near Nagoya. Such a warm reception from both the jazz band and the public! It’s really challenging and rewarding to have to integrate into an existing section as a lead player and soloist only 1 hour before the gig and sight reading most of the tunes!

Next we traveled to Tokyo and met up with our friends in the SKB rock/funk band and added 2 trombones to their sax/trombone horn section and what a sound!  4 blasting brass players doing Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power, Earth Wind and Fire, Incognito !!!  We played a cool ex-pat bar in Tokyo (I can’t think of the name right now) for over 100 people. That’s a good turnout for a midweek show in a bar in Tokyo!!

Then we flew south to the coastal town of Kochi and spent the next several days rehearsing with a group of amateur and semi professional players on a 5 trombone plus rhythm section concert on Saturday May 21. Followed by an improvisation masterclass on Sunday morning May 22.  I can’t say enough about the enthusiasm, good attitude, dedication and generosity of all the musicians involved in bringing me and Don down to Kochi and organizing the event!

We had over 200 people in the audience at the Kochi cultural center small theater. Amateurs musicians who act and play like pros! Plus top class facilities and technical support!

I wish I could play shows like this all the time!  It really, really gave me a great push.

Now, me and my band here in France are gearing up for a very busy summer season, trying mightily to finish our second album and seriously discussing going to Japan all together in October!


Stay tuned !!