Fall 2015

Well, we’re all back in the trenches, aren’t we?  The dream summer of non-stop funky concerts is now just a sweet memory.

It’s a little like waking up from a dream, rolling out of bed and getting started with the regular day.

While work for the Angel City Players – Electric (the new name for the funk lineup) has slowed down a bit, I have more than enough getting all my classes, students and ensembles sorted.

For the past few years, I’ve directed a small jazz ensemble at the music school in Frejus with aspirations of becoming a big band some day.  Well, a local jazz big band folded recently and a whole bunch of “bandless” players are filtering over into our group.  So cool!  Guess what we played on our first rehearsal????   Dirk Fischer’s arrangement of Shiny Stockings !!   I wish I could call him up and tell him thank you again for everything he taught me.

I’m also teaching at the Conservatory Rostropovitch-Landowski in Cogolin, St. Tropez and Sainte Maxime for my 3rd year… My schedule went from only 2 students to 6 students plus direction of 3 ensembles !!  It’s a very daunting new situation !! Wish me luck, please.

A few new students plus my jazz workshop at La Londe les Maures.  I love that school. It’s not too big or pretentious. Everyone is so great and everyone just wants to get better.

Hopefully, the guys in Angel City Players – Electric and I will find some time soon and get into the studio to start the second album.

I’ll post this and then try to convince myself that lots and lots of people will read it.  🙂