April 2017 – much happening !! – Japan Tour, New CD, Summer Season Preparation, Educational Concerts

I had to take some time off in January and February to have a long overdo surgery on my right shoulder. The recovery has been a lot longer and more difficult than I thought it would be; but I started playing concerts again around 4 or 5 weeks after the operation. I don’t have the same movement I had before and still very little strength, but I’m hopeful that it’s only temporary and will eventually fully recover.

March was incredibly busy with professional concerts and 2 recording sessions as well as extra rehearsals, make up rehearsals, performances, juries and meetings at the different music schools I work for. Today is Sunday, April 2 and there is just one more week before Spring Break with 3 juries and auditions at 3 different schools in addition to regular classes. Plus 1 or 2 concerts and a recording session for the new album !! I am really looking forward to making it through this week and taking a break away from the constant hustle and bustle.

The New Album – We recorded the rhythm section last spring but the project faltered for the summer and then into the new school year. I finally started back in the studio in March in order to see how far I can take the project. The new CD will be totally different in style from “Current Residence” and I really hope I’ll get it finished some day and that it will be as classy as the first album.

Japan Trip Spring 2017 – I really, really love playing and visiting and traveling in Japan. I find the enthusiasm and passion and quality of all the musicians I meet and their overwhelming team spirit to be incredibly nurturing. I always return home a better musician and person from these trips. I really hope that this trip will be no different and I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and making new ones.

Summer Season 2017 – Angel City Players are busy booking dates for the summer and we hope to confirm more dates and projects soon.

Ad Libitum Brass Quintet – We will be performing at the Toulon Music Festival in July and have begun working with the “Education National” to give educational concerts at local schools. This has lead us to discuss a project with them for next year which will hopefully include performances in collaboration with elementary school children. And several workshops that I will conduct in order to prepare them for the final concert.

I have no idea if anyone every reads these posts. But even still it’s nice to dwell on the positive things that are happening.

God bless !